Lectures: Talking about brain health


        As a research coordinator and cognitive interventionist working with people with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, Anna Lisa Curtis created Brain's Gain programs hoping to reduce the incidence of age-related dementia.

        The Brain’s Gain programs, offered at Florida Atlantic University’s Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center, focus on ways to strengthen and protect the brain by building cognitive reserve, a buffer for insult or injury to the brain.

        Passionate about the care of the brain, Curtis regularly writes and speak on the subject.  Known to lecture for more than two hours, she has shared with audiences ranging from college students to seniors.

        Informative, entertaining and engaging, Curtis uses simple language based on current research to share practical tips to keep the brain healthy and agile for the long haul.

Lecture Topics:

Memory Loss Prevention

6 Ways to Slow Brain Aging

Easy Tips to Improve Memory

Why am I forgetting?

Memory Loss: What’s Normal?

The Hungry Brain

The Brain at Rest

Stress is Good for Your Brain?

Socialization and Brain Health

Cognitive Stimulation

Cognitive Reserve

Memory Strategies

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sharing information for the brain’s gain


Anna Lisa Curtis Research Coordinator & Cognitive Interventionist

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