The Brain’s Gain Workshop


   The brain thrives on change.  Using the 4 elements for change, this workshop highlights 6 key factors for brain health and dementia prevention.  Learn what changes are best for the brain, and get support to incorporate those changes into your everyday life.

You will learn:

  1. Bullet Top recommendations for building a healthy brain

  2. Bullet How to implement neural plasticity

  3. Bullet Ways to exercise the brain on a daily basis 

Through interactive lectures, assignments, and support, participants are encouraged to integrate change for their brain’s gain in a fun and supportive environment.

Learn more about the Brain’s Gain:    Workout    Lectures


Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton Campus


10/10/14 - 11/14/14

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


at the Louis and Anne Green

Memory and Wellness Center

FAU Boulevard Lot 79

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  1. BulletOur brains change throughout our life span, suffering losses and gains on a daily basis.  For a healthy brain, incorporate changes that maximize the gains and minimize the losses.

Although this workshop is not

designed for persons with

memory loss disorders,

all are welcome to attend.



An interactive brain boosting program

Neural Elaboration by Anna Lisa Curtis (mixed media) c.2008